AudioPixel’s lighting technologies have been used on hundreds of installations and live performances around the world.

AudioPixel develops custom lighting technology and sound-reactive visual programming.
For over a decade AudioPixel has produced immersive lighting projects, built large-scale interactive art installations, crafted high-end retail displays, received large art grants, and powered projects around the world for live performances, concerts, touring acts, holiday events, nightclubs, and multi-day festivals.

Hepp developed a robust software platform for generating algorithmic content and 3D pixel-mapped animations on volumetric lighting devices and other addressable fixtures for use during live productions and interactive installations. The cross-platform application includes a versatile editor for mapping fixtures, as well as full 3D previsualization features during all stages of production.


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Preview grid of AudioPixel installations
AudioPixel installations

Raindance Festival
Boom Festival Main Stage
Boom Festival Main Stage Daytime