Featured as the grand finale at the world renowned ‘Blossoms of Light’ annual show at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Hepp created the Lumenscape concept as a original installation, after writing a successful proposal to the Denver Botanic Gardens in 2015. Hepp designed vertical sticks which worked with physical limitations of LED hardware, while complementing the terrain of the amphitheatre.

Hepp wrote the entirety of the custom software and animations, which on launch allowed Denver Botanic Gardens to sell out it’s month long Blossoms of Light event with a 400% growth rate.

The custom software features the ability to respond to interactive midi instruments and microphones, which drive the animations. Indicator lights inside a interactive kiosk let participants know when they can interact between choreographed songs, which play on rotation every 5 minutes. Hepp also wrote all the original choreographed song performances from scratch based on holiday music provided by Denver Botanic Gardens. The installation has been a massive hit, being featured on large sporting events and national news networks.

In the years following 2017, Denver Botanic Gardens has continued to feature the Lumenscape installation as their grand finale of the ‘Blossoms of Light’ seasonal event, and now operates the installation in-house with outside contractors writing additional linear song based content, (while removing the interactive portion of the installation for ease of operation).

Hepp also created several more Lumenscape installations, including a system for SnowDays LA, and also for the Paseo festival in Taos New Mexico.

Video Demo showing 3D animations.

Focusing on some of the ‘you have to see it in person’ qualities of 3D lighting that are often difficult to capture on video.

Video Demo with interactive instruments.

Annual Blossoms of Light
Annual Blossoms of Light at Denver Botanic Gardens.
Lumenscape LED Installation
Sold out crowds for 6 weeks at a 400% increase.
3D mapped custom to the terrain
3D mapped custom to the terrain.
Crowds of People watching installation
Sold out events caused a 400% increase in annual attendance.
Grand Finale at Blossoms of Light
Grand Finale at Blossoms of Light.

Extra – Video Demo with time-synced song.

Shows 3D pre-visualization next to live footage.
Recorded at Denver Botanic Gardens, “That is Christmas”.

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