Custom lighting software enables groundbreaking art and revolutionary mulit-sensory experiences.

Using custom built lighting software and advanced 3D mapping techniques, Hepp creates new methods of interactive control and audio-reactivity that are revolutionary compared to the limitations of standard lighting programs and consoles.

After attending Burning Man in 2005, Hepp was inspired to write custom software that would push the boundaries of what was possible with immersive lighting techniques, while also incorporating fixtures of various mediums. In this spirit AudioPixel was born, a software suite that allowed custom objects to be fully mapped in 3D, while generating next-level content that runs directly on the fixtures, along with on-screen previsulization. Support for DMX traditional lights and moving head fixtures, as well as any number of LEDs.

Hepp developed a robust software platform for generating algorithmic content and 3D pixel-mapped animations on volumetric lighting devices and other addressable fixtures for use during live productions and interactive installations. The cross-platform application includes a versatile editor for mapping fixtures, as well as full 3D previsualization features during all stages of production.


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Dragomi LED + Fire Demos

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AudioPixel Lighting Software on 3D Fixtures
AudioPixel running on 3D Sugarcube fixtures
Dragomi Art Car Lighting Software
3D Mapping of LEDs + Fire effects
Dragomi Art Car 3D Lighting Software
Dragomi Art Car @ Burning Man 2019 using 3D Lighting + Fire Software