A multi-sensory, mixed media installation suspended in the middle of Nike’s House of Innovation NYC flagship store.

Working with Hovercraft Studios, Hepp helped create several retail installations for Nike’s flagship ‘House of Innovation’ store in New York City. Hepp was involved in multiple stages for several overlapping projects. Hepp served as a programming expert specializing in computer graphics and lighting applications. Also Hepp wrote custom RFID tracking software which was utilized on several installations featuring interactive apparel.

Hepp created the lighting and wiring schematics, with electronics procurement and onsite installation, for the Beacon project, a multiple level display fixture. Hepp also created prototype animations for the interactive LED basketball court, installed below the Beacon during it’s second phase.

Video and Photos courtesy of Hovercraft Studios.

LED Ring lights on Nike Shoes

Multi-sensory mixed media installation

Screens and Lights Installation

Installation is multiple stories tall

Nike Retail Store Installation