Custom built for Burning Man and featured at several large music festivals – this fire-breathing Origami Dragon comes alive at night.

Hepp founded the Dragomi art car in 2015, after acquiring 7 Burning Man tickets, a 20′ flatbed truck, and assembling a team that would build it into a full fledged art car. After being inspired by pixel art, Hepp designed the unique 3D dragon shape as a LED snake with lit up wings, which allowed a second platform to be located above it’s head.

Hepp wrote the custom software in it’s entirety, mapping out over 15k independently controllable LED lights and also incorporating a custom flame effects system along with the animations. Hepp was also the chief operator during the 2015-2019 Burning Man events, and performed many of it’s live DJ sets.



Custom Flame Effects
Custom Flame Effects timed to the music/interaction
Dragomi Art Car LED Lights
Custom LED Programming
Dragomi at Burning Man
Dragomi at Burning Man 2019

Dragomi LED + Fire Demos

Extra – DJ Mixes

A couple mixes Hepp has created based on his live DJ sets: